Does Nicotine Make You Tired?


The hazards of smoking are well known. You would come across many smokers who would appear fatigued and tired all the time. This also tends to happen to those who resort to vaping to get rid of the habit of smoking.

The question which thus arises is, what is the common factor in smoking and vaping which leads to easy fatigability? The answer lies in nicotine.

When we talk about vaping, you will find that the higher the levels of nicotine a person intakes, the more tired he feels. Nicotine is a stimulant as well as a depressant. When you ask a smoker about the instant effects of smoking, he would tell you that it gives him a sense of energy and calm.

Nicotine enters the bloodstream and reacts with the chemicals in the brain, leading to a boost in energy levels while at the same time reducing stress levels. However, the effects are short-lived, and the energy level crashes all too quickly. After a while, the person starts to feel edgy and tired.

Thus, nicotine does not make you tired directly, but it does have a role to play in this. Due to the wearing off of the effects of nicotine, the person feels low on energy. The levels of energy are lowered to below normal and thus, the person feels the urge to smoke even more.

According to Health Essential, further smoking leads to temporary eradication of these effects, giving you an insight into the addiction of nicotine.

Apart from nicotine, there are other chemicals present in cigarettes as well which lead to low energy levels. This is mostly because of an inadequate supply of oxygen supplied to the body. However, the effects of nicotine can be most felt by those who vape.