Sugar Skull Tattoos: Meaning and Design

Sugar Skull Tattoos: Meaning and Design

Being considered as an integral part in Mexican culture, the Sugar skull together with its great meanings is becoming more and more well-known in the world of tattoo. Hence, it can be said that the sugar skull tattoo has been one of the most impressive and common tattoo ever. This fantastic tattoo now represents the indication of death, which makes people respect their only chance to live.

Sugar skull tattoos can be considered as the symbol of death, remembrance or spirituality. Once people remember someone special, they often think of some highly attractive sugar skull tattoos to “carve” on their skin as a hallmark during their whole lifetime. These kinds of tattoos often go together with the name of that person on the top in order to show the respect of the owner. Sugar skull tattoos are usually categorized into two different kinds based on the size. Children often get small sugar skull tattoos while adults prefer big ones.

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One thing you should know is that the number of sugar skull tattoos indicates the age of the people that you commemorate. The sugar skull tattoos are usually done in black or shades of dark gray because they represents the death. Nevertheless, some of them might be inked colorfully as the creativeness of tattoo artists have become much more fantastic.

We can assure that sugar skull tattoos are so eye-catching that they certainly make you take a second look. Ink a tattoo like this on your skin may hurt you for some days. But honest to say, that is called the beauty and value of tattoos since all the pain and effort to get them are worth and the end result is definitely fruitful!